Umpire Assessments and Applications

Umpire Assessment

In order to achieve an Umpiring Award Learners need to be assessed.


Into Officiating Award

Aim: To introduce the rudiments of umpiring a netball match.


  • To have knowledge of basic rules of the game
  • To identify obvious infringements of the rules
  • To apply correct use of voice, whistle and terminology
  • To be aware of correct positioning
  • To keep an accurate scoreboard and call the score
  • To identify the requirements for the England Netball Into Officiating Award
  • Prepare candidates for assessement

Learners need to undertake a practical assessment


C Award

Aim: To prepare umpires with knowledge of the rules and umpire competencies to umpire at average adult club level.


  • Penalising correctly obvious infringements of the rules
  • Correct use of whistle, voice, hand signals and terminology
  • Positioning and movement on side line and goal line
  • Understanding when contact interferes with play
  • By widening vision beyond the ball
  • To identify the requirements for the FENA C Award to include competencies
  • To prepare candidates for assessment

The umpire has to undertake a written assessment paper, two practical assessments (one pre-assessment and one final practical assessment)


Application Forms

Into Officiating

C Award


If you are interested in becoming an umpire or match bench official contact your County Umpiring Secretary for further information:


Carol Williams

Isle of Wight

Trevor George



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