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England Netball is committed to providing answers to all of your rules questions and queries. All queries we receive from January 2018 can be found on this page and a running log can be downloaded below. 

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Question – I haven’t played for a while and wanted to check if I have a penalty called against me and I have to stand out of play, I can still direct my GK verbally, provided I don’t say ‘miss’ or other distracting words towards the shooters?

Answer –  No, Rule 7.1.3 Conditions for Penalty Pass
(I) The infringer must stand out of play. This means the infringer must:
(c ) Remain in this position and not move or take any part in play (including verbal comments) until the ball had been released

Question – We play at local leagues level and do not have a team bench or primary career. Can I just check if one of our players is injured eg. GS can we go into an offside area and help her off court?

Answer – Yes, Rule 9.3.1 Injury/Illness or Blood
(v) The umpires may authorise other persons (including team officials) to assist the player to leave the court if needed
England Netball domestic guidance advises in the absence of a primary career on court players assist. This is local league and common sense must take the lead in these situations. Players welfare is an umpires concern


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