BEE Netball

BEE Netball

We’re delighted you want your child to join in with the buzz and get involved in Bee Netball; we know they’ll enjoy it.

Outside of school, Bee Netball can be enjoyed as a group/ or class in local leisure centres. These are run by England Netball coaches, all of whom have been trained in all things Bee Netball. It can also be enjoyed through our network of brilliant netball clubs.

Bee Netball is only in its infancy which is why you’ll only see a handful of sessions at this time. We’re busy (bees) behind the scenes working on more sessions so keep checking to see if something has been added in your area.



Bee Netball - The Vyne School (Age 7 to 11)

4pm to 5pm

Cost £3.00



If you don’t see a session that suits you and your child please let us know! We’re passionate about Bee Netball and want to make sure it’s available across the country, particularly for those that are interested.

Please click here to register your interest and let us know you’d like to see Bee Netball near you.


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