Virtual Coaching Forum - success

Virtual Coaching Forum - success

Hampshire Netball Association would like to thank Jan Crabtree, Denise Ellis and Maggie Jackson for running a series of Virtual Coaching Forums for Hampshire Coaches.
Over the 3 weeks 34 Coaches attended Progressive Practice, 40 Coaches attended Circle Attack and 43 Attended Centre Pass Defence.
All coaches were very engaged, learnt a lot and are enthusiastic to put this into their training planning. 
Hampshire has received some very positive feedback
"Amazing coaching Session tonight"
" A really good reminder of what we can do. Progressive Practice, certainly filled me with enthusiasm for the return of netball. I want to get planning ready for 29th!"
“Thank you. Great session”
“Thank you so much - fantastic session”
“Thanks so much, really beneficial. Confidence to explain and deliver a screen further. Some amazing examples”
“Really great session - going to be doing the screening/overload drills”
“Love the circle attack toolbox and greater understanding of the players to shut down and overload”
“Slicing the cake  and my knowledge of overloading has increased immensely. Thank you very much !!!”
“The first scenario was magical when New Zealand went from having nothing to everything with the screen and overload applied perfectly ! Magical !  Thank you Jan & Denise  l have def learnt something re the shooters in the circle being pro - active !”
“thanks so much I cannot wait to start working with the teams again and putting some of the stuff from the past 3 weeks into practice”
”'I've really enjoyed the last 3 sessions. a great start ready to return to playing next week”
“Thank you all for your expertise, these last 3 weeks have been fab”
“Thank you all so much for doing these. Been brilliant”
“I am a bit new at this, so everything tonight was brilliant and very easy to understand as you break it down - slides really helped”

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